Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spelling...Neither Here Nor There...

Guess I'm undecided as to how I'm spelling the Girl's nickname...It's Pally or it's Pallie...and of course, take away the P altogether and we'll really be talkin'...

I'm thinking I had it right with Pally, so now the point will be to post more often so I don't forget between entries! :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Decidedly Awesome!

Pallie can read.

She's been "reading" for a long, long time...mimicking the act for as long as I can remember, then reading from memory, but now, now, she is reading.

I'm frankly flabbergasted. I mean, I knew it was happening. She's been picking out phrases here and there off of TV, magazines, signs, etc., for a few months now, but tonight, she read a story to me that I've never read to her; that *no one* has ever read to her. Actually encapsulating how I feel is difficult--as if the joy of being able to read on one's own is not something to be summed up in a proud word or two.

For the record, Pal read "Ruby Paints a Picture" by Susan Hill to me. It's An I Can Read Book Level 1 which she checked out from school on her own last week. The only word she checked with me about when she first brought home the story was "Fiona" a proper noun. She read with inflection and even some character voices. She paused at the end of each page to point out something of note in each illustration. It was wonderfully mind-boggling. I was bursting with pride and love and, yes, because I'm all about emoting, it was also all a bit bittersweet for me.

I'm thrilled, but now even more concerned about making the best schooling choices for her. Coincidentally, I've been trying to get all the dates and paperwork and pros and cons of four different grade schools plotted out and my notes are right next to my computer as I type. Each school has different packet pick-up dates, registration dates, notification dates, etc. None of them has the exact some date structure. Anyway this reading bit has me thinking that I better make the best decision I can for my girl and her pressure.

Oh man, do I love her! and not just 'cause she can read...she's decidedly awesome!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Buddy just...

packed up and zippered closed my wheeled Body Shop tote and declared, "I'm going to Cedar Satter City!"

Other fun vocab from the kiddos:
hanzitizer = hand sanitizer
oarport = airport (mostly said by Buddy)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Live Blogging: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

We're halfway through the annual screening of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and the kids' comments are just killer...I can barely keep up with this memory of mine, so I thought I'd open a post and transcribe.

Pally: "My favorite character is...what's that boy's name again?" Linus. "Oh yeah, Linus." Why? "Because he has a blanket and sucks his thumb like me! I know! You could call me Linus, too!"

Pally: "Daddy, is Peppermint Patty really a girl?"

Pally: "Hey, look! Those kids are riding in the trunk!" as Charlie & company ride off in the backend of a station wagon to Grandmother's house.

Buddy's too busy eating orange-colored sugar cookies to bother with pre-Charlie Brown, Buddy did announce while he played with the raw orange-colored sugar cookie dough, "I'm selling carrot poop!"

During an ad for Shrek the Halls, Pally shouted, "Look, Mommy! It's Shrek Five!" I'm not sure she's even seen one of the movies from that series, so this strikes me as really funny.

Buddy: "Doggy's doing some drums! Snoopy's doing drums!"

What was your favorite part of CB Thanksgiving?
Pally: "My favorite part was when they were building the houses in the cool and they were taking care of the people who were dying." ok. So she's referring to the Charlie Brown Mayflower story that followed the Thanksgiving episode that one normally thinks of.
Pally: "I like Peppermint Patty. She always wears boy clothes because I think she loves boys clothes. I like her little shoes."
Pally: "The very important part was when they were taking care of the people who were dying, but how do you die in a snowstorm?"
Pally: "Oh, Linus was my favorite part, too."

and now, they sleep!

time for popcorn and a movie with Hubs.

Thanks to JR and Mad for the live blogging idea.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Home alone...

It NEVER happens!

and yet, here I am, alone.

at least for 30 minutes or so,

while S and the littles return a movie and buy some tp and milk.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I was home alone. It might have been in January (!) when I was in an influenza-induced coma so S chaperoned the littles to a birthday party without me. Yes, yes, I do believe that was the last time. And I was too sick to enjoy it, revel in it, cherish it, bathe in it, embrace it...figures I'm sick this time, too. I'm not a real big fan of Murphy and those pesky laws...

Since I'm the only human in these 1800 square feet, I'm going to go ahead and blog my favorite thing: what my kids say. Ha.

A-Boy: "I'm going to the Gibson Lie-Berry."
Me: "Honey, you need more Rs in that word. It's lie-BRary."
A-Girl: "Yeah, A. Like pRairie."


A-Girl, with hand aside her mouth as though telling a secret something to me: "And, by the way, Y is a bit of a whiny, cry-ey girl when she gets bumped in class."


A-Boy tends to reveal his naptime dreams in stream-of-consciousness outpourings that begin to tumble forth before you've even gotten all the way in his room:
"Mom, V was there and she was so tiny and she was packing all her books and she was tiny and I saw her and she was growing and growing because she was tiniest like me but I'm big little now and she was so nice and she growed. Her did."

V is the grown woman who babysits for us from time to time...some dream, huh?!


A-Girl wanted me to leave the dinner table tonight because she wanted to finish eating her rice "animal-style"--all mouth, no hands:

"Mom, I love you."

"I love you, sweetie."

"Um, aren't you tired? Why don't you go to the living room? You could lay down on the couch."

"I'm not going to go lay down."

"Um, well, you could check your e-mail." Then she broke out into a punk diddy that she wrote several months ago that goes, "Checkin' my eee-mail! Checkin' my eee-mail! Checkin' my eee-mail!" Complete with air guitar and those squeaky Wayne&Garth-style guiter sounds. My girl.


a couple of A-Boy's mispronunciations:

willn't - as in "I will not!" or "I won't!"

yous - as in your or even just plain ol' you; ie. "Yous soda is in the kitchen." or "Mom, are yous making dinner?"

He said a really, really hysterical one at lunch today and I never thought I'd forget it...guess I was wrong. Darn it! The only conversation I can come up with from lunch today was the one where A-Boy tried to convince A-Girl that I ate oatmeal every day when I was tiny. :-)

...and now, I'm going to find something trashy to watch on E! 'til the family returns!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More from the mouths of babes...

Me: "Adam, did you just smell your feet?"
A-Boy: "No. I just picked my nose with mys feet."


A-Boy: "I'm done with my crib. Where's my big boy bed? I think it's out in the garage. You need to go get it. I've been growing and growing so fast, so I'm done with my crib. I thinks we need my big boy mattress."


I was sitting on the floor the other night, leaning on the couch while A-Girl lounged on the cushions. I was admonishing her for some sassy talk when, in the middle of my sentence, she rolled onto her side, pulled her pants down and put her bottom in my face. I was dumbstruck. Nearly speechless. She was giggling like a madwoman by this point and I downpoured on her parade by sending her upstairs for jammie-time.


I actually had to try really hard to keep from laughing and she did get a talking to.


A-Boy: "Mommy, dogs are so smart." pause pause "Our Kiki [cat] just bites." he's trying to get a dog outta me?! :-)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

We just can't have nice things...

Sean's pride and joy, the 42-inch 1080PHD flat screen tv, has been marred by a flying JoJo the Clown action figure. Really, it was inevitable, but I was hoping we'd have it longer than two weeks before anything happened. The screen now has a couple of small transfers of red paint on it--nothing I can see from the couch--but Sean knows precisely where the marks are. Poor guy. He just wanted a nice tv.


A-Girl: "This is a mysterious. Hm...where could it be? It's a mysterious."